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CREINVEX SPEECH® Event Management System

Let's use the SPEECH® Event Management System to generate more Travel, more Tourism, more Trade and more Jobs. SPEECH® is an acronym for "Strategic Planning for Economic Efficiency, Capitalization and Hedging". Fierce competition commands "Strategic Business Innovation (SBI)" and "Strategic Offer Diversification (SOD)". SPEECH® is the embodiment of both. 

Building Success with CREINVEX Sales Masters®

Let's use the CREINVEX Sales Masters® to secure Success to every Business and every Entrepreneur. Increasing the Value of Capital Stocks in Capital Markets around the world is only possible through an extensive use of "Sales & Marketing" events for which CREINVEX has been building the largest network of sales & marketing experts known as CREINVEX Sales Masters®

creinvex signature events®

What is CREINVEX Signature Events®?

Hotels can provide the most complete venues for events. CREINVEX Signature Events® generates events for individuals, families and businesses with extensive use of hotel facilities. CREINVEX is poised to be the number one events generator for the full service hotel industry.

Why CREINVEX Signature Events®?

To be fully successful, full service hotels need to run events in their facilities almost every day, or simply everyday. The extensive use of hotel facilities for individual, family and business events by CREINVEX constitutes one of the greatest assets for full service hotel Owners and Investors.

one million creinvex Sales Masters® - one "goal"

Generating Events, Events... and more Events

Let's generate Events. Private Events for individuals and families and Sales & Marketing Events for businesses around the world with our expansive network of CREINVEX Sales Masters®.

Everyone Wins with CREINVEX Signature Events®

With CREINVEX Signature Events® everyone is a winner. Individuals and families win with their private events, businesses win big with their extensive Sales & Marketing events and full service hotels secure steady income for their event & meeting facilities. 

Thought of the Day

"If you are not ready to overcome challenges and difficulties on your way to success, then you are not ready to enjoy success."

May all Praises and Glory be to the Almighty Lord God! May God bless us and grant us unlimited wisdom to do His will and accomplish His purposes "in time". Amen! 


A Summit to Help Improve the Value of Capital Stocks

This summit provides business owners, managers, CEOs and CFOs an opportunity to discover how to improve the value of their capital stocks in Capital Markets around the world, through an extensive use of Sales & Marketing events. Also, this summit introduces the attendees to the real universe of endless opportunities for growth and success with the CREINVEX Sales Masters® Program, 100% based on "Sales & Marketing" events.

Welcome to CREINVEX Sales Masters® Summit 2019


Welcome to the Universe of Sales & Marketing Events



Let's Join Every Nation and Every People to Build the World of Tomorrow.

If Every Government Understood the Art of Building Wealth, Truly --- Truly I Tell You There Would Be No More Poor Nations In the World.

Attend the "2019 Modern Monetary Policies and Economic Development Summit" and Discover the True Potential of your Nation. More Importantly, this Summit Will help You Use that Potential to Build Wealth for Your Nation and Its People.

Welcome the "2019 Modern Monetary Policies and Economic Development Summit"


Let's Build Today the World of Tomorrow!



CREINVEX Sales Masters® Program for Sales & Marketing Staffs of Full Service Hotels

FEE: On Request

CREINVEX Sales Masters® Program for Sales & Marketing Staffs of Small Businesses

FEE: On Request

CREINVEX Sales Masters® Program for Sales & Marketing Staffs of Larger Businesses

FEE: On Request


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